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2007 Sherwood Archers Overall League Final
March 11, 2007
Indoor 5Spot/1Spot

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The top two teams from each league night competed Sunday, March 11, 2007
at Sherwood Archers Club for the overall league winner. An 80% handicap was
employed to determine winner as was the entire 8 week league schedule. One
bonus point was awarded to the team that shot the most X's for each league
night and for the final shootoff. And for the last two ends, inside X's were
recorded in case of a tie. Scores were as follows:

1st Place and 2007 League Winner
Team #1 Thursday Night
The Franklin County Boys
Brad Baker, Jr, Cris Locklear, Mike Smith and Everett Wilson
Total Team Score 1198 out of 1200 possible 193 X's and 16 inside X's 

2nd Place
Team #1 Friday Night
Buddy Braden, E.H. Braden, Robbie Huffman and Tony Mayhew
Total Team Score 1196 out of 1200 possible 184 X's and 22 inside X's

3rd Place
Team #2 Friday Night
Cock Feather Archery Supply Team
Tim Burroughs, Alan Chadd, Warren Mitchell, and Doug Porter
Total Team score 1195 out of possible 1200 158 X's and 18 inside X's

4th Place
Team #3 Thursday Night
Brian Early, Kip Good, Cory Sadler, Mike Wood
Total Team Score 1193 out of possible 1200 136 X's and 10 inside X's

5th Place
Team #1 Monday Night
Ben Critz, Roger Goff, Wes Goff, Scott Hodges
Total Team Score 1192 out of possible 1200 128 X's and 7 inside X's

6th Place
Team #3 Monday Night
Jessie Carper, Donnie Rowan, Joseph Rowan, Josh Rowan
Total Team Score 1190 out of possible 1200 141 X's and 13 inside X's

Note: It was a tight match with only 8 points between 1st Place and 6th Place

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