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Shady Lane Indoors
Shawn Helton Bachelor Party/Critter Gitter Indoor Shoot
January 25, 2008
30 Indoor Critter Face Targets/Team Shoot
Teams drawn at Random before the shoot

More Info

The Night before the Wedding...

Team	       Score
Shawn Helton	395	Groom to be!
Darrel Helton	375	Father of the Groom!
		770	1rst place team

Steve Vinson	390
Darrell Woodard	340

Deck Miller	340
Shawn Hudson	305

Steve Ratliff	345
Kenny Owens	250

Brian Phillips	315
Derick Brown	275

Monty Shell	285
James Matney	 50
the day after the bachelor party...
Note From ShootArchery.com:
Shawn Helton spent his last night as a Bachelor at Shady Lane Indoors...
Congratulations to Shawn for shooting high score of the evening and for winning
the Team Shoot with his father as a shooting partner. Congrats to Shawn and his
new partner to be; Jessica Matney! Proceeds of the Shoot were given
to the couple as a wedding present. Enjoy your honeymoon!!!!!!!!!

Keep checking back... more pictures to be posted later...

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