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South Mountain Bowhunters Outdoor 3D Results
May 13, 2017
25 Targets

Women's Unlimited Hunter | Men's Unlimited Hunter | Seniors | Men's Known 40 | Men's Known 50


Class 13
Women's Unlimited Hunter       Score
1. Nicole Newman                218

Class 15
Men's Unlimited Hunter
1. Gary Stacy                   214 1st
2. Daniel Newman                No Card

Class 16
1. Jerry Golden                 252 1st
2. Stacy Hudson                 250 2nd
3. David Miller                 236
4. Mike O'Sullivan              218
5. Winston Yoter                195
6. Phil Merck                   No Card

Class 21
Men's Known 40
1. Stoney Pearson               270 1st
2. Josh D. White                253
3. John Robinson                213

Class 22
Men's Known 50
1. Henry Morehead               209

2 Fun Shooters

Thanks to those that came out and supported the 4th Annual Gideon Shoot.
A special thanks to Daryl Gosey that donated some handmade calls for
door prizes for this event. Deck Miller, thank you again for posting our
scores again for us. We look forward to seeing everyone again on May 27th
for our One Day Open Shoot.

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