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Smokey Mountain Field Results
April 22, 2007
International Round 20 Targets, Hunter Face
20 to 65 yards, 60 shot, 300 round

Shooter		       Score
1. Terry Murray   	277
2. Jim Thurman    	277
3. Jerry Fields   	247
4. Roger Mink     	245
5. John Rader     	240
6. Carl Demarcus  	232
7. Linda Coleman  	230
8. Brian Luethke  	Inc
9. Ron Welch      	Inc

Please plan to attend our next shoot on May 26/27 2007

May 26th and 27th will be the Dogwood, A new format this year, We will
shoot the NFAA International round, 20 targets, 60 shots, 20 to 65 yds.
We will also host the TAA State International Round Championship
concurrently. You may shoot one tournament or the other, or both.


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