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Smokey Mountain NFAA SE 3D Sectional
TAA Marked/Unmarked Results June 24/26, 2006

Results from the NFAA SE 3d Sectional       Unmarked   Marked   Total
MYAFS	Joseph Newton 				199	227	426
AMFS    Jason Ayers 				250 	270 	521
   	Dale Smith 				212 	233 	445
AFFS    Debra Siefoff 				203 	236 	439
AMBHFS  Tim Newton 				248 	239 	487
MMSFS   Don Huddleston 				209 	199 	408
   	Tim Austin 				193 	203 	396
AMBB    Glen Baxter 				204 	185 	389
ASMBB   Jim Bowerman 				162 	183 	345
AMTrad  Roger Pallett 				168 	143 	291
ASMTrad Loren Van Cleave 			155 	177 	332

Results of the TAA 3D Saturday:		    Unmarked
MYouth  Aaron Pratt 				226
AMFS 	Jimmy Pratt 				257
	Jason Ayers 				250
MMSFS 	Don Huddleston 				209
ASMBB 	Jim Bowerman 				162
ASMFS 	Sam Calloway 				243
AFBHFS 	Carol Ayers 				205
AFFS 	Connie Calloway 			239
	Debra Sieloff 				203

Results of the TAA 3D Sunday:		      Marked
MYouth 	Aaron Pratt 				211
AMFS 	Jason Ayers 				270
	Jimmy Pratt 				268
MMSFS 	Don Huddleston 				199
AMSBB 	Jim Bowerman 				183
AMTrad 	David Reed 				165
	Mike Crabtree 				101

Smoky Mountain Archers are planning a get together This Saturday July 1st at
the Camp Tipton facility fot the purpose of shooting some 3D, some food and
a fund raiser for Sherrill Ramey. Many of you know Sherrill.He just
underwent surgery to have both legs amputated above the knees. Anyone is
invited, We havn't firmed up the time yet as this  was kind of a spur of the
moment thing. You can contact Oly Oland at 865-925-0138 for further info and
directions. Camp Tipton is located off highway 129 South of Maryville TN, It
is 2.2 miles from the 129/41`1 split on Walker School Road.

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