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Spearhead Trails Archery Complex Dickenson County Outdoor 3D Results
March 19/20, 2022
30 Rinehart Targets

Bowhunter Open | Bowhunter Release | Female Hunter
Senior Hunter | ASA Practice

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Bowhunter Open         Score
1. Aaron Hill           279
2. Jason Peek           266

Bowhunter Release
1. Ernie Rose           204
2. Rory Patton          159

Female Hunter
1. Carrie Stanley       189

Senior Hunter
1. Wess Stanley         309

ASA Practice
Matt Maconall
Tyler Phelps
Jacob McConnell
Josh Skelton
Cole Skelton
Kenny Owen's
Justin Peterson
Julie Peterson
John Robinson
Lisa Phillips

We would like to thank everyone that
come out to shoot this weekend.

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