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Spearhead Trails Archery Complex Dickenson County Outdoor 3D Results
March 5/6, 2022
30 Rinehart Targets

Bow Hunter Open (MBO) | Bow Hunter Release (MBR) | Hunter (HC)
Female Bowhunter Open (FBO) | Cub | Practice | Outdoor 3D ASA Practice

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Bow Hunter Open (MBO)          Score
1. Aaron Hill                   305
2. Matt Mcconnell               284
3. Josh Skelton                 273
4. Jay McConnell                NSC

Bow Hunter Release (MBR)
1. Ernie Rose                   240
2. Dakota McConnell             NSC

Hunter (HC)
1. Donald Perry                 253

Female Bowhunter Open (FBO)
1. Amber Skelton                212

1. Parker Skelton               217
2. Jennings Mullins             NSC

Tyler Phillips
Bobby Mullins
Cody Mullins
Derrick Mchone
Eric Mchone
Josh Bise

Outdoor 3D ASA Practice
Creed Fleming                   229
Jim griffin                     246
Travis Lowe
Misty Lowe

Thanks everyone for coming out, looking forward to see you all again next weekend

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