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2008 Tri-Cities Circuit: Final Standings
Host Club: Bear Creek Bowmen
Championship Shoot was held on August 16/17, 2008
Championship Shoot Results

Open Trophy | Hunter | Unlimited | Seniors
Traditional | Ladies Hunter | Cubs

Open Trophy	       Score
1. Matt Millard 	2661
2. Lonnie Harding 	2629

1. James Cardwell 	2751
2. Mike Vicars 		2719
3. Gary Lewis 		2202
4. Jack McNutt 		2017

1. Kenneth Davis 	2612

1. Douglas Hatley 	2531

1. Jim Fields 		2386
2. Jack Rhudy 		2267
3. T.P. Sells 		1976

Ladies Hunter
1. Khristina Cardwell 	1909

1. Madison Ford 	2119

First off, congratulations to all of those who qualified and especially to the Champions.
Nice shooting to each and every one of you. Please email me at cmullins_26@hotmail.com
if you suspect there is an error in the final standings. 

To qualify for the Tri City Championship shoot, each shooter had to complete
two shoots at each of our four clubs in the circuit. That task by itself earns
everyone a huge thanks from the entire circuit. After the shooter has completed
at least two shoots at each club, their two top scores from each club are then
added to their final score from the Championship round. As the host of this year's
Championship Shoot and on behalf of Big Pine, Kettlefoot, and Cherokee Laurel
Bloomery, we at Bear Creek Bowmen would like to thank all of you that participated
this year. We hope to see you come out and support your local archery clubs again
next year. We look forward to seeing you at our indoor shoots this winter on
Saturday nights. Be sure to check our schedule as we'll likely have earlier start
times this year. We've rebuilt our backstops and the indoor range is better than
ever. Again, Congratulations to this years Champions and thanks for shooting in
the Tri-Cities Circuit.Thanks to ShootArchery.com for the continued support and
promotion of our archery clubs.

Note From ShootArchery.com
Congratulations to all 2008 Tri-Cities Class Champions !!!

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