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Union County Archery Outdoor 3D Results
ASA State Qualifier
May 22/23, 2010
35 Targets

Sr. Eagle | Bow Novice | Youth Boys | Open B
Open Senior | Super Senior | Known 45

Sr. Eagle
Ryan Hopkins 	228x5 Qualified 1st place trophy  

Bow Novice
Dewayne Lawson 	258x5 Qualified 1st place trophy
Chris Brooks 	238x2 Qualified
Darrell Beeler 	233x1 Qualified
Jackie Briggs 	218x4 Qualified
Paul Harrell 	212x1 Qualified
George Webber 	211x1 Qualified

Youth Boys
Boone Bowling 	217x4 Qualified 1st place trophy

Open B
Jimmy Pratt 	258x7 Qualified 1st place trophy

Open Senior
Howard Stracher 240x4 Qualified

Super Senior
Bobby Chester  	241x4 Qualified 1st place trophy $9.00
Jim Bo Bareman 	239x1 Qualified
Bob Rauhuff 	205x1 Qualified

Known 45
Mike Hopkins 	254x8 Qualified 1st place trophy $6.00
Johnny Lawson 	236x4 Qualified

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