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Union County Outdoor 3D League Results
May 3, 2011
30 Targets


                         WK 3	total
1.  Calvin     	581x13	259x4	840x17
2.  Johnny   	531x08	283x4	824x12
3.  Jackie    	547x07	273x3	810x10
4.  H.A        	539x03	264x4	793x07
5.  Randz    	561x05	232x1	793x06
6.  Tony      	530x08	249x3	785x09
7.  Vann     	527x10	244x0	777x10
8.  Jordan   	567x09	000  	567x09
9.  Darrell   	269x00	247x2	506x02
10. Chris    	502x04	000x2	502x04
11. Melissa	283x04	        283x04
12. Wayne 	283x03	        283x03
13. Brian    	233x01	        233x01 

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