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Morristown Results
July 3,4 2004
25 Targets/15 Target Team Shoot

Open A&B | Open C | Bow Novice | Hunter | Womens Bowhunter | Seniors
Young Adult | Youth Boys | Eagle and Jr Eagle | Limited | Team Shoot

Open A&B
1st   Vince Sulfridge 	260-7
2nd   Randy Brooks  	258-9
3rd   Bill McCall      	256-8
4th   Matt Aiken       	250-8
5th   Scott Cope       	249-5
6th   Roger Gorrell   	247-8
7th   Travis Cline     	240-7
8th   Tin Allison      	239-4
9th   Tim Farmer     	238-3
10th  Tommy Rose   	235-3
11th  Doc Walker     	229-1
12th  Allen Neal       	210-2

Open C
1st   Stevie Haag     	254-8
2nd   Tom Kitts        	246-4
3rd   Deck Miller    	233-1
4th   Sandy Donesky 	222-3
5th   Scott Earls      	N/S
      Nathen Massingil  N/S
      Randy Tate     	N/S

Bow Novice
1st   Ray Ayers      	242-8
2nd   Toot Haag     	237-6
3rd   Tom Jones     	231-3
4th   James Harmon 	226-0
5th   Angelo Palverento 207-0
6th   Shawn Holt     	205-6
7th   Chris Atkins    	190-3
8th   David Brady    	190-2
9th   Chad Stephens 	167-1
10th  Bobby Barnard 	N/S
      Daniel Roy       	N/S

1st   Mickey Haag     	244-4
2nd   James Peters     	238-5
3rd   Jason Ayers       237-4
4th   Jack McCall      	235-0
5th   Stumpy Robinson 	223-5
6th   Rick Aiken        223-3
7th   BJ Chambers     	219-0
8th   Mark Stratton    	215-4
9th   Mike Bales       	214-2
10th  Jamie Christian 	178-0

Womens Bowhunter
1st   Shawn Faulconer

1st   Jerry Hubbard   	236-8
2nd   Bobby Chester 	231-2
3rd   Jerry Bush        207-3
4th   Jim Bowerman 	180-0

Young Adult
1st   Cody Brooks     	227-6
2nd   Reece Miller    	224-2

Youth Boys
1st   David Rose      	225-4

Eagle and Jr Eagle
Dylan Bales
Kelsey Robinson

1st   H.A. LaRue     	213-0

We also had 40 practice shooters

Morristown Archery Club July 4th Team Shoot 
1st Place Team
Johnny Sowders
Stevie Haag
Roger Gorrell

2nd Place Team
Sandy Donesky
Reece Miller
Randy Wells

3rd Place Team
Ray Ayers
Matt Aiken
Jim Bowerman

4th Place Team
Jason Ayers
Deck Miller
Stumpy Robinson

5th Place Team
Jerry Bush
Toot Haag
Jr. Sizemore

6th Place Team
Tom Kitts
Mel Donesky
Johnathan Sowders

7th Place Team
Rick Aiken
Bobby Chester
Tom Jones

8th Place Team
Shawn Faulconer
Allen Graham
Mickey Haag

9th Place Team
Angelo Palverento
Madison Wells
Doc Walker

We would like to thank everyone who came out and participated at the shoot 
this weekend and also the team shoot. We hope everyone had a good time and 
enjoyed the food,fireworks and the shoot.

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