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Big Pine
Blue Ridge Bowhunters
Blue Ridge Mountain Empire
BoneYard Archery
Broken Arrow of NC
Brushy Mountain
Cajah's Mountain
Cherokee (Laurel Bloomery)
Foggy Mountain Hillsville
Forsyth Archery
Keowee Bowmen
Little Mountain
Mace Sports Archery Range
Mountain Archery TN
New River GC
New River WJ
No Limits Archery
Powell Mountain Archery
Rub Line Archery Range
Sage Creek
Shady Lane
Smoky Mountain
Smyth Co.
South Mountain Bowhunters
Staunton River
The Archery and Bow Club
Western Carolina Bowhunters
Wilkes Archery
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Most Recent Results !!!!
Bear Creek February 17 Indoor Results
Sage Creek February 17/18 Outdoor 3D Results 90 Shooters
Big Pine February 17/18 Outdoor 3D Results 84 Shooters
BoneYard Archery February 15 Vegas Results
BoneYard Archery February 11-17 Techno Results
Morristown February 17 Indoor Results
Morristown February 17/18 Outdoor 3D Results
South Mountain Bowhunters February 17/18 Outdoor 3D Results 134 Shooters
Shady Lane February 17/18 Outdoor 3D Results
Cherokee Laurel Bloomery February 17 Indoor 3D Results
Foothills Archery Club February 18 Outdoor 3D Results

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ShootArchery.com Featured Shoots and Results

Va 2018 Virginia Outdoor 3D Schedules and RESULTS
Click on the Club to get driving directions and contact information
Shady Lane
Jan 6/7 30 Targets Weather permitting
Jan 13/14 30 Targets Weather permitting
Jan 20/21 30 Targets Weather permitting
Jan 27/28 30 Targets Weather permitting
Feb 3/4 30 Targets Weather permitting
Feb 17/18 30 Targets Weather permitting
Mar 3/4 30 Targets
Mar 17/18 30 Targets
Mar 31/Apr 1 30 Targets
Apr 14/15 30 Targets
Apr 21/22 30 Targets
May 5/6 30 Targets
May 26/27 30 Targets
Jun 9/10 30 Targets
Jun 23/24 30 Targets
Jul 14/15 30 Targets
Jul 28/29 30 Targets
Aug 11 Championship

Rub Line Archery Range
Jan 13/14
Feb 3
Mar 3/4
Apr 14/15 ASA Qualifier
May 12/13 ASA Qualifier
Jun 9/10
Jul 28/29 ASA State
Aug 18/19
Sep 8/9
Sep 30 Benefit Shoot

Little Mountain
Jan 20/21 25 Targets
Mar 24/25 30 Targets
Apr 7/8 30 Targets
Apr 21/22 30 Targets
May 5/6 30 Targets
May 19/20 30 Targets
May 26/27 VA IBO State Championship
Jun 23/24 30 Targets
Jul 21/22 37th Annual Jamboree
Aug 18 Championship*
Aug 19 30 Targets
*must shoot 3 shoots to be qualified

Bear Creek
Outdoor 3D
Mar 17/18 25 McKenzie Targets
Apr 28/29 25 McKenzie Targets
May 5 Top Gun, 20 Targets, 80% payback
May 19/20 25 McKenzie Targets
Jun 9/10 25 McKenzie Targets
Jun23/24 25 McKenzie Targets
Jul 7/8 25 McKenzie Targets
Jul 21/22 25 McKenzie Targets
Aug 18 Championship w/Shootdown*
Sep 8/9 Hunters Challenge
*Must shoot 3 shoots to qualify for Championship

Smyth County Archery Club
Feb 24/25 Rhinehart Targets
Mar 24/25 Rhinehart Targets
Apr 7/8 Rhinehart Targets
May 12/13 Rhinehart Targets
Jul 7/8 Rhinehart Targets
Jul 28/29 Rhinehart Targets

Staunton River Archery Club
Jan 6/7
Feb 10/11
Mar 10/11 ASA State Qualifier
Apr 7/8
May 12
Jun 23/24 ASA State Qualifier
Jul 21/22
Aug 11/12
facebook | Printable Flyer

2018 Tennessee Outdoor 3D Schedules RESULTS
Click on the Club to get driving directions and contact information
Feb 17/18
Mar 17/18
Apr 21/22 State Qualifier
May 19/20
Jun 23/24
Jul 14/15
Aug 11 Club Championship
Sep 1/2 Wilderness Shoot

Cherokee (Laurel Bloomery)
Feb 24/25 25 Targets
Mar 10/11 25 Targets
Apr 7/8 25 Targets
May 19/20 ASA Qualifier TN/VA/NC
May 26/27 Pleasant Grove Fundraiser
Jun 16/17 25 Targets
Jul 14/15 25 Targets
Aug 4/5 Catch a Dream
Aug 18/19 25 Targets
Sep 8/9 25 Targets
Cherokee Bowhunters.com | facebook

Big Pine
Feb 17/18 Weather Permitting
Mar 10/11
Apr 14/15
May 19/20
Jun 23/24
Jul 28/29
Aug 11/12 Championship 20 targ, + Shootdown*
* must shoot 2 shoots to qualify for Championship

Mountain Archery Monteagle TN
Jan 27/28 20 Targets & Novelty
Feb 17/18 20 Targets & Novelty
Mar 17/18 TN ASA State Qualifier 20 Targets & Novelty
Apr 21/22 20 Targets & Novelty
May 26 S3DA Regional Tournament ONLY, 20 Targets, Novelty
May 27 20 Targets & Novelty
Jun 23/24 TN ASA State Qualifier 20 Targets & Novelty
facebook | Web-Site

Kingsport Archery Club
Jan 20/21 25 McKenzie Targets Weather Permitting
Mar 3/4 25 McKenzie Targets
Apr 7/8 25 McKenzie Targets
Jun 16/17 25 McKenzie Targets
Jul 21/22 25 McKenzie Targets
Aug 25 Championship
Must shoot 2 tournaments in same class
to qualify for the Championship


No Limits Archery
Jan 13/14
Feb 24/25
Mar 10/11
Apr 14/15 Tri State Qualifier TN, GA, AL
May 12/13
Jun 9/10
Jul 14/15
Aug 11/12 Bow Hunter warm-up
facebook | Printable Flyer

2018 West Virginia Outdoor 3D Shoots and RESULTS
Click on the Club to get driving directions and contact information
Powell Mountain Archery
Feb 25 Weather Permitting
Mar 3/4
Apr 7/8
May 5/6
Jun 23/24
Jul 21/22
Aug 4/5 IBO World Warm Up
Sep 9 Powell Mountain Bowhunters Jamboree

NC 2018 North Carolina Outdoor 3D Schedules and RESULTS
Click on the Club to get driving directions and contact information
Mace Sports Archery Range
Feb 10
Mar 17
Apr 21
May 26
Jun 23 North Carolina Powerade State Games
Jul 21
Aug 18

BoneYard Archery

Forsyth Archery
Jan 14 20 targets
Mar 11 ASA Qualifier, 20 targets
Apr 15 25 targets 3D Shoot & Archery Yard Sale
May 20 20 targets
Aug 26 20 targ. Frank Brown Memorial Bowhunter Challenge

Blue Ridge Bowhunters
Feb 3/4
Mar 3/4 2-day Open
Mar 10/11 Circuit 6
Mar 24 1-day Trad Only
Aug 11 1-day Trad Only
Web/Site | facebook

Western Carolina Bowhunters
Jan 20/21 Circuit Shoot #2
Mar 17/18 Circuit Shoot #7
Apr 14/15 Two Day Open
May 26/27 Two Day Open
Jun 23/24 Two Day Open

South Mountain Bowhunters
Feb 17/18 Circuit # 5
Mar 31/Apr 1 2 day Open
Apr 21/22 Circuit # 8
May 12 1 day Open
Jun 9 1 day Open
Jul 21 Gideon Benefit
Aug 11 1 day Open

Big Buck Archery
Jan 21
Feb 3
Mar 25
Apr 8
May 6
Aug 12

Broyhill Baptist Childrens Home
May 11/12

Jan 14 Cajah's Mountain
Jan 21 Brushy Mountain
Feb 3 Brushy Mountain S3DA Only
Feb 4 Brushy Mountain Circuit Shoot
Feb 18 Foothills
Feb 25 Broken Arrow
Mar 3/4 Brushy Mountain 25 Targets
Mar 11 Cajah's Mountain Team Shoot
Mar 17/18 Foothills ASA State Qualifier & S3DA
Mar 25 Brushy Mountain Team Shoot
Apr 8 Brushy Mountain
Apr 15 Cajah's Mountain
Apr 22 Wilkes Team Shoot
Apr 28 Broken Arrow S3DA ONLY
Apr 29 Broken Arrow
May 6 Cajah's Mountain S3DA
May 12 Brushy Mountain Relay for Life
May 20 Foothills Team Shoot
May 27 Cajah's Mountain
Jun 3 Brushy Mountain
Jun 10 Wilkes
Jun 24 Foothills
Jul 8 Wilkes
Jul 22 Broken Arrow Team Shoot
Jul 29 Wilkes
Broken Arrow facebook
Brushy Mtn facebook
Cajah's facebook
Foothills facebook

2018 South Carolina Outdoor 3D Shoots and RESULTS
Click on the Club to get driving directions and contact information
Keowee Bowmen
Jan 13/14 Keowee 3D Freeze (WNC #1)
Feb 17/18 Keowee Chiller
Mar 3/4 Georgia Circuit 3D SOY
May 5/6 Keowee Classic (WNC #9)
Jun 9/10 Georgia Circuit 3D SOY
Jun 16/17 Keowee 3D Challenge Exclusive & SC 3D Circuit #6
Aug 18/19 Keowee Bowhunter's Jamboree 25 All deer target hunting season warm-up
Aug 25 WNCAC 3D Championship & Annual Awards Banquet. Shotgun start at 10AM

The Archery & Bow Club (TAB's)
Jan 27/28 The Cabin Fever Reliever
Feb 10/11 The Flight Of The Eagle; WCC #4, SCAA #1
May 19 King of Coonshoot Championship at dark
May 19/20 The Buckskin Jamboree & ASA S.C. Qualifier
Jul 7/8 The War Party; WCC #10

2018 Blue Ridge Mountain Empire Circuit
Outdoor-3D Schedule
Pre-season weather permitting
Jan 6/7 Sage Creek 20 Targets NC/WV ASA State Qualifier
Feb 17/18 Sage Creek
Feb 24/25 New River West Jefferson
Mar 3/4 Foggy Mountain
Regular Season
Mar 10/11 Foggy Mountain
Mar 17/18 Sage Creek
Mar 24/25 New River West Jefferson
Mar 31 Foggy Mountain
Apr 7/8 New River West Jefferson
Apr 14/15 New River Grayson County
Apr 21/22 Sage Creek
Apr 28/29 Foggy Mountain
May 5/6 New River West Jefferson
May 12/13 Sage Creek NC/WV ASA State Qualifier
May 19/20 New River West Jefferson Hunters Helping Kids
May 26/27 Foggy Mountain 40 Targets
Jun 2/3 New River Grayson County
Jun 9/10 Sage Creek
Jun 16/17 Foggy Mountain 40 Targets
Jun 23/24 New River Grayson County
Jun 30/Jul 1 New River West Jefferson
Jul 7/8 Sage Creek
Jul 14/15 Foggy Mountain 40 Targets
Jul 21/22 New River West Jefferson
Jul 28/29 New River Grayson County
Aug 4/5 Foggy Mountain
Aug 11/12 New River West Jefferson
Aug 18/19 Sage Creek
Aug 25 Foggy Mountain BRME Circuit Championship*
Aug 26 Foggy Mountain Regular Shoot
Sep 1/2/3 Sage Creek 50 Targets
Sep 8/9 Foggy Mountain Bowhunter's Challenge
Sep 15/16 New River Grayson County Bowhunter's Challenge
Oct 20/21 Foggy Mountain
* Must shoot twice at each club to qualify for Championship

Sage Creek on the Web | Sage Creek facebook | Foggy Mountain facebook | New River Grayson County facebook | New River West Jefferson facebook

2018 Indoor Schedules and RESULTS
Click on the Club to get driving directions and contact information
Cherokee (Laurel Bloomery)
Indoor 3D
All Shoots start at 6:30 pm
Jan 4 Thur, 6:30 pm
Jan 13 Sat, 6:30 pm
Jan 19 Fri, 6:30 pm
Jan 27 Sat, 6:30 pm
Feb 1 Thur, 6:30 pm
Feb 3 Sat, 6:30 pm
Feb 10 Non Qualifying
Feb 10 Championhsip
Feb 17 Sat, 6:30 pm
Mar 3 Sat, 6:30 pm
Cherokee Bowhunters.com | facebook

Keowee Bowmen
Indoor League at Keowee Shoot at 7PM sharp
Jan 9 Vegas face
Jan 16 Vegas face
Jan 23 Vegas face
Jan 30 Vegas face
Feb 6 Fita Compound face
Feb 13 5 spot face
Feb 20 5 spot face
Feb 27 5 spot face
Mar 3/4 SC State Indoor Championship
Mar 6 5 spot faces
Mar 13 5 spot animal face

Smoky Mountain Archers
gates open at 6pm, 7pm line
Jan 13 Lancaster Round
Jan 20 Lancaster Round 4pm & 7pm (Money at 7pm)

Jan 6 3 spot 7 pm
Jan 9 Team Shoot 7pm
Jan 20 3 spot 1 pm
Feb 3 5 spot 7 pm
Feb 6 Team Shoot 7pm
Feb 17 5 spot 7 pm
Feb 20 Team Shoot 7pm
Mar 6 Team Shoot 7pm

BoneYard Archery
Jan 13 (2) 10 end rounds pre-register
Jan 25 Lancaster
Feb 1 Vegas
Feb 3/4 Indoor 3D, 20 Targets
Feb 8 Lancaster
Feb 15 Vegas
Feb 22 Lancaster
Mar 1 Vegas
Mar 8 Lancaster
Mar 15 Vegas
Mar 22 Lancaster
Mar 29 Vegas

Techno Shoots:
Jan 7-13
Jan 14-20
Jan 21-27
Jan 28-Feb 3
Feb 4-10
Feb 11-17
Feb 18-24
Feb 25-Mar 3
Mar 4-10
Mar 11-17
Mar 18-24
Mar 25-31
winners will be awarded weekly

Bear Creek
Jan 6 Vegas 4pm & 7pm
Jan 13 Vegas/5-Spot 4pm & 7pm
Jan 20 5-Spot 4pm & 7pm
Jan 27 5-Spot 4pm & 7pm
Feb 3 5-Spot 7pm
Feb 16 VFAA Indoor Championship 7pm
Feb 17 VFAA Indoor Championship 4pm
Feb 17 Regular 5-Spot 7:30pm
Feb 18 VFAA Indoor Championship 3pm
Feb 24 5-Spot 7pm
Mar 2 Mid Atlantic Sectional 6pm
Mar 3 Mid Atlantic Sectional 2pm & 5pm
Mar 4 Mid Atlantic Sectional 2pm

Aim for the Cross at Bear Creek
Jan 6 12-2pm
Jan 20 12-2pm
Feb 3 12-2pm
Feb 17 12-2pm
Mar 3 12-2pm
Mar 17 12-2pm
Mar 31 12-2pm

2018 Field Archery Schedules and RESULTS
Click on the Club to get driving directions and contact information
Keowee Bowmen
Field League at Keowee Shoot at 6PM sharp
Apr 10 14 Hunter faces
Apr 17 14 Field faces
Apr 24 14 Hunter faces
May 1 14 Field faces
May 8 14 Hunter faces
May 15 14 Field faces
May 22 14 Hunter faces
May 29 14 Field faces
Jun 5 14 Hunter faces
Jun 9/10 SC State Field Championship

Staunton River Archery Club
Field Archery
Sep 29/30 4th Annual Joe McManus Memorial Shoot
VBA Field Animal Round

facebook | Printable Flyer

Weather Map

Featured Results of 2011!!!!
Bear Creek Feb 4/5/6 VFAA State Open
Smoky Mountain Feb 25/26/27 TAA/NFAA State
Bear Creek Mar 5/6 Mid Atlantic Championship
Sarah Fitchett Benefit Shoot May 14/15

Featured Results of 2010!!!!
TAA Indoor Championship Feb 26/27/28
Union Grove June 25/26/27
Golden Chalice June 19
TAA State Field Championship Jul 17/18
NCFAA State Field Championship Aug 28/29
Tri/Cities 3D Championship Aug 21/22
Mountain Empire 3D Championship Sep 4/5

Featured Results of 2009!!!!
2009 ShootArchery.com X/FEST! Feb 7
TAA Indoor Championship Feb 20/21/22
VFAA Indoor Championship Feb 21/22
Union Grove June 26/27/28
Golden Chalice Jun 27
TAA State Field Jul 11
NCFAA State Championship Aug 22/23
Mountain Empire 3D Championship2009

Featured Results of 2008!!!!
2008 ShootArchery.com X/FEST! Jan 19
TAA Indoor Championship Feb 8,9,10
VFAA Indoor Championship Feb 15,16,17
Union Grove Jun 27/28/29
Mountain Empire Championship Standings2008
Tri/Cities Championship Standings 2008

Featured Results of 2007!!!!
2007 ShootArchery.com X/FEST! Feb 17
2007 VFAA Indoor Championship Feb 17/18
TAA Indoor Championship Feb 24/25
NCFAA State Championship Mar 9/10/11
NFAA Mid Atlantic Indoor Sectional Tournament Mar 3/4
VFAA State Open June 23/24
Union Grove June 22/23/24
Tn ASA State Championship July 21/22
VFAA State Field Championship Aug 11/12
Matt Kenseth Press Day, Kettlefoot Aug 14
Tri/Cities Championship Standings 2007
Mountain Empire Championship Standings 2007
Wytheville Sugar Maple Sep 8/9

Featured Results of 2006!!!!
TAA Indoor Championship Feb 24,25,26
Union Grove Jun 23/24/25
Va Commonwealth Games Jul 21
Va. ASA State Championship Jul 22/23
Tn. ASA State Championship Jul 22/23
Children's Miracle Network Benefit Shoot Jul 29/30
Grey Ghost/Bass Pro Shops Fall Classic Aug 5
VFAA State Championship Aug 12/13
Mountain Empire Championship
Tri Cities Championship Aug 19/20
Shady Lane Championship Sep 2
Wytheville Sugar Maple Sep 9/10

2015 IBO Spring National
Arrow Ministries at CRG

TAA Web/Site

Cherokee Rod & Gun Club
Pioneer Sportsmen
Virginia Field Archery Association
Eagle's Wings Archery
Joe Byrd Blue Ridge Outdoors Supertalk WFHG
FootHills Archery

Yadkin Field Archery
Hunting Across America The Hunting Across America television show includes a variety of game, weapons and techniques to keep even the most avid hunter updated and informed.

Tri/Cities Championship Standings, 2008
Tri/Cities Championship Standings, 2007
Tri/Cities Championship Standings, 2006
Tri/Cities Championship Standings, 2005
Tri/Cities Championship Standings, 2004
Tri Cities Championship Standings, 2003

Mountain Empire Championship Standings, 2006
Mountain Empire Championship Standings, 2003
Notice of Disclaimer
Scope and purpose

Hunters Rights Web/site

Tri/Cities QDMA

Tarheel Fish Stickers

Directions to clubs and contact information
Backwoods Bowhunters: 3D Schedule | Backwood's Facebook Page
Shoot location for B&G Pro Shop:
Just off of RT. 20 between Gleenwood and Bluewell
Sportsman Drive; Rt. 20; Bluefield, WV 24701

For Cornbread Ridge:
From Bluefield Take I/77 North to Exit 14 and turn left at the bottom of the ramp. Go 0.4 mile and Turn right onto Cornbread Ridge Road. Go 2.1 miles and turn left onto Scenic Valley Road to the range.

From Beckley West Va, take I/77 South to Exit 14 and turn right at the bottom of ramp. Go 0.2 miles and turn right onto Cornbread Ridge Road. Go 2.1 miles and turn left onto Scenic Valley Road to the range.
GPS Coords: 37.444364,-81.083366

Shoot location for Pipe Stem:
Click for Map

Tournament info:
Larry Kade    304/920/4433   lkade157@yahoo.com

Battle Creek Archery Club:
8699 Battle Creek Rd.
South Pittsburg TN 37380
Schedule | facebook
Billy Powell 423-421-0526 billypowell@marioncosheriff.com

Bear Creek Archery Club: Outdoor 3D Schedule | Indoor Schedule | facebook
mailing address
P.O Box 4221
Wise Va. 24293

physical / GPS
5427 Bear Creek Rd. Norton, VA

From Gate City Va.: Travel North on US 23 to exit 2. Go east on 58 toward Coburn approx 1.5mi and turn north on Bear Creek Road.
Club House
President: Robert Sexton
Vice President: Charlie Parsons
Secretary: Chris Sturgill
Treasurer: Amber Hall
Public Relations: Rick Hull
Range Captain: Joe Blevins
276 679 2193 bearcreekarchery@yahoo.com
276 395 4648
276 329 3959
276 219 8164 unc_jake@yahoo.com

Big Buck Archery:
North Carolina
3D Schedule | Field Schedule | Map | facebook
Physical Address:
Danny Rd. (at the end
Stoneville, NC 27048

Gary Clark (336)207/3267 gsclark68@gmail.com

Big Oaks Archery Club (Va.):
361 Old National Hwy.
Clarksville, Va. 23927
Schedule | facebook | Web/Site
We are located 1/1/2 miles off of Highway 15 South of Clarksville, VA. From Highway 15, South of Clarksville (1 1/2 miles south of town), turn onto Burlington Drive, at the end of road, turn right onto Old National Highway. Club is located 1/3 mile on the left at 361 Old National Highway, Clarksville, VA 23927.
Noel Corpus
Marian Corpus
(434) 738/3350
(434) 738/3350   bigoaks.archeryclub@yahoo.com

Big Oak Archery Club (NC):
7302 Stokes Ferry Rd.
Salisbury, NC.
Club is directly across from where Trexler Rd. meets Stokes Ferry Rd.

I 85, South on NC 52. Turn left on Jake Alexander Blvd. to Stokes Ferry rd. Right turn on Stokes Ferry Rd. Proceed to club grounds. We are on left side of Rd. just past Trexler Rd.

N 52 to Gold Hill, Turn right on to Liberty rd, proceed to flashing light in Liberty, turn left on to Stokes Ferry Rd, Club grounds are on the right.
Rick Love 1/704/796/1664
Allen Kent

Big Pine Archery Club: schedule | facebook

Unicoi Tn.

From I/81 in north east Tn.
Take exit 57 A and proceed south on I/26. Take exit 32 and turn left at the bottom of ramp. Turn right at the next intersection on to 173 east. Continue for .6 mi and then turn left on to 107. Travel 1.2 mi. look for sign and the range on your right.

From N.C.
Travel North on I/26 to exit 32, turn right at the bottom of the ramp. Turn right at the next intersection on to 173 east. Continue for .6 mi and then turn left on to 107. Travel 1.2 mi. look for sign and the range on your right.

GPS coordinates:
N 36 11.245
W 82 20.052
Allen Bird
Gary Frye
257/8083   birdman82567@hotmail.com
423/863/6296   country3D@gmail.com

Blaise Baptist: Schedule | Printable Flyer | Map
Mocksville N.C.
Blaise Baptist Church
134 Blaise Church Rd.
Mocksville, NC 27028
If traveling I/40, exit at the #170 exit. This is US HWY 601 and travel north about 300 yards, Blaise Church Rd is the first road on the left directly across from Horns Truck/stop. Visit www.blaisebaptist.com for directions.
Daniel T. Matthews 336/671/4603     dtm206@yahoo.com

Blue Ridge Bowhunters:
Leicester NC
Schedule | Web/Site | facebook
Mailing Adress:
PO Box 26 Leicester NC 28748
GPS Adress:
283 Sluder Branch Road, Leicester, NC

From US Hwy 19/23 (Patton Avenue) in West Asheville, turn North onto NC 63 (Leicester Highway). Travle 7.9 miles to town of Leicester. Turn right onto Alexander Road. Travel 1.0 mile. Turn right onto Sluder Branch Road. Travel 1.2 miles. Range is on your left. Look for large white sign on gate.

Ken Penley, 828/683/9545
Scotty Wagner, 828/667/1745
Bill Sanderson, 828/712/4613, recurvearcher57@charter.net

Blue Ridge Mountain Empire Circuit: schedule
Consists of four Archery Clubs
Click on the Club for Directions/Contact info
Foggy Mountain Hillsville
Sage Creek
New River of West Jefferson
New River Bowhunters of Grayson County

BoneYard Archery Outdoor Schedule | Indoor Schedule | facebook
184 Old Covered Bridge Rd.
Madison NC
Guy Hutcherson 336-306-3512     guyhutcherson@yahoo.com

Cross Trail Outfitters Schedule | facebook
307 South Main Street Boiling Springs North Carolina
Josh White jwhite@tgsengineers.com

Broyhill Baptist Childrens Home Schedule
From Asheville
1. From I/40 W Take exit 27 16.7 mi
2. Slight right at US/74 W (signs for US/19/US/23/US/74/Clyde/Wavnesville 2.1 mi
3. Take exit 105 for W Jones Cove 0.2 mi
4. Turn left at Jones Cove Rd/State Rd 1527 Continue to follow Jones Cove Rd 0.9 mi
5. Turn left at Sneed Dr
From Sylva
1. Take the ramp onto Great Smoky Mountains Expy/US/23 N/US/74 E 20.0 mi
2. Take exit 105 toward Jones Cove 344 ft
3. Turn right at Hospital Dr/State Rd 1929 0.2 mi
4. Take the 1st left onto Jones Cove Rd/State Rd 1800 0.9 mi
5. Turn left at Sneed Dr

Chad Franklin    828/400/1988


Bullhead Mountain Archery: Schedule
From I/77 Take exit 85 and follow US Hwy 21 North up the Blue Ridge Mtns. approximately 26 miles. Turn left onto Pine Swamp Road, travel approximately 3 miles and turn left on Bullhead Road. Travel approximately 1 mile shoot on left.
From Mt. Airy, NC head west on NC 89 for 20 miles to the intersection with NC Hwy 18. Turn Left onto 18 follow for 15 miles to intersection with US Hwy 21. Turn left onto US Hwy 21 South and travel approximately 3 miles, turn right onto Pine Swamp Road and travel approximately 3 miles. Turn left on Bullhead Road and travel approximately 1 mile, shoot on left.
From Independence, VA take US Hwy 21 South into Alleghany county to intersection of 21/18, continue on US Hwy 21 South Approximately 3 miles. Turn right on to Pine Swamp Road, travel 3 miles turn left on Bullhead Road and travel 1 mile shoot on left.From Ashe County, NC take NC 88 north to Laurel Springs to where it dead/ends into NC 18 and turn left onto NC 18. Follow for approximately 8 miles and turn right onto Pine Swamp Road (Whitehead Community, travel approximately 4 miles to Bullhead Road on right. Travel 1 mile shoot will be on left.
Jason Long
Dean Billings

Buck Hill Campground Archery Range:
Buck Hill Campground,
6401 S. US HWY 19E
Newland, NC 28657
Outdoor Schedule | Web/Site | facebook
From Charlotte, NC: Head south on Interstate 85 to Gastonia; take Highway 321 north to Hickory, then I/40 west to exit 85 (near Marion). At Marion take 221 north and about two miles past Linville Falls turnoff, turn left on NC Highway 194 at the Mobile Gas Station. 194 will end at Hwy 19E. Turn right and Buck Hill Campground will be 3 miles on the right.
From Asheville, NC: 240 West: US 19 North/US 23 North: US 19E
From Winston/Salem, NC: 421 North: NC 105: US 221: NC 194/Three Mile Road: US 19E
From Bristol, TN: 11E South: 19E South
From Johnson City, TN: 91 East: TN 2377/TN/362: 19E/TN/37: 19E
From Boone, NC: US321: NC Hwy 105: NC 181: US 221 South: NC 194/Three Mile Road: 19E

GPS: LATITUDE = 36.0122 LONGITUDE = /82.022772
Christopher Caudle 828/766/6162
Randy Cogdill 865/256/4864
cscmtp@hotmail.com or buckhillrvcampground@gmail.com

Buttermilk Creek Outfitters:
Burlington, North Carolina
Outdoor Schedule | Indoor Schedule | Map to Outdoor Range

3860 Flemming Graham Rd.
Burlington, NC 27217

Buttermilk Creek Outfitters 3
2639 Ramada Road
Burlington, NC 27215

Dillon Gantos 336-436-0025     dillon@bmcoutfitters.com

Carolina Arrow Sports LLC
1821 Highway 321 North, Clover, SC 29710
Schedule | facebook
Note: Do not use GPS address, it will take you about 10 miles passed our location. From I/85, go south on Highway 321 and cross into South Carolina. After crossing the state line, you will go through one traffic light. We are located about 1/4 mile on the right. You will turn between two restaurants (Dixie Diner and Jimmy D's). Look for a 10ft Arrow attached to our sign. Registration will take place at our archery shop.
Nick Brakefield (803)242/2536
Tomorah Brakefield (803)242/2934

Caswell Ranch Shooting Sports
Schedule | Web/Site
Caswell Ranch Shooting Sports
133 Barnwell Road
Prospect Hill, NC 27314

Office 336/562/2628
Dean: 919/805/0370
Match Director, owner.

Beverly: 919/805/0352
Match Coordinator, owner.

Cherokee Bowhunters
(Laurel Bloomery)

Indoor Schedule | Outdoor Schedule | Web/Site | facebook
Laurel Bloomery Tn.
From Damascus Va, Turn South on 91 (Mountain City Rd. Travel 6.7 mi. and then turn right on Deer Run Road. Travel .4 mi. and turn right on Trout Run Rd. travel .2 mi. and the range will be on the right.
Shane Pennington, President
JW Tester, Vice President
Buddy Kirby, Scretary
cell 423/335/8437 2pennies@embarqmail.com

Cub Run Archery: schedule | Web-Site
14708 Mt Olive Rd,
Centreville, VA 20121
Robert D'Imperio robbyrayd@yahoo.com

Durham County Wildlife Club
3616 Hopson RD.
Morrisville, NC. 27560

gps 35`52'30.8"N 78'52'45.3"W

Field Schedule | Web/Site
The Durham County Wildlife Club (DCWC) is located just off Hopson Road in the heart of the Research Triangle Park, within minutes of Raleigh - Durham International Airport and convenient to the Raleigh / Durham / Chapel Hill areas of central North Carolina. Just minutes from I40 several exits, I540, NC147 Hopson Rd exit and NC55
Joe Rozmus - archery chairman (919) 606-5692  justxsroz@aol.com

Fire Fighters For Burned Children of N.C. Indoor Schedule | Outdoor Schedule
Weaverville N.C.
66 Chickwood Trail
Weaverville NC 28787

Directions to Crest Pavillion: Indoor Shoot Location
Ashville N.C.
From Patton Ave and Leicester Hwy go north on New Leicester Hwy. 2.5 miles At 3rd traffic light, turn right onto Old County Home Rd @ Georges Deli gas station. Ben Lippen Rd turns right at about a 1/4 mile. The Crest Center is a 1/2 mile on the Left.

Directions to Buncombe County Fireman’s Training Center: Outdoor Shoot Location
Asheville N.C. The Buncombe County Fireman’s Training Center, Asheville N.C. in front of Erwin High School.
164 Erwin Hills Road
Asheville, NC 28806

Coming in on I/26
Follow I/26 West onto I/24. Follow I/240 to Patton Ave. West (US 19/23 W. Turn right at 5th traffic light onto New Leicester Hwy. (NC63. Follow New Leicester Hwy. 2.5 miles. At traffic 3rd light, turn right onto Old County Home Rd. At first traffic light, turn right onto Lees Creek Rd. At first traffic light, turn right onto Erwin Hills Rd. Second drive on the left
Jared Gudger    828/775/8140

Foggy Mountain Hillsville: Schedule | facebook
One of four clubs that make up the Blue Ridge Mountain Empire Circuit
From I 77, south of Wytheville Va., take exit 14, go east on Rt. 58 (to Hillsville. Turn left at the second light, (Car lot will be on the left. Go 3 1/2 miles, and the shoot is on the right, across from the new Hillsville Elementary School.
Teddy Dickerson
276 728/7465 cell   devonneadamlogan@yahoo.com

Forsyth Archery Club:
North Carolina
Mailing Address:
129 Stella Dr.
Lexington, NC 27295

Physical Address:
1237 Mt. Olivet Church Rd.
Lexington, NC 27295

President: Todd Leonard 336/978/1547
Vice/President: Stan Peeples 336/764/2579

Franklin Archery Club: Schedule
566 Nichols Branch Road
Franklin NC 28732

441 Georgia Road, then turn onto Tessentee Road Follow signs to the club.

Devin Nordan / President         828/421/1523 cell
Justin Gray / Vice President     828/421/7085 cell

Greene Acres Archery:
South Carolina
schedule | Web/Site
Physical Adress:
235 Broadmouth Church Rd.
Honea Path, SC 29654

Turn onto Princeton Hwy from Hwy 25. Make a left onto Broadmouth Church Rd. There will be Greene Acres Archery signs on the left side of the road about 0.75 miles down.

Mailing Address:
POB 425 Honea Path, SC 29654

Seth Greene 864 634/5817 greeneacresevents@gmail.com

Stick and Wheel:
Grays Land Rd
Kernersville, North Carolina
schedule | Web/Site | Map
From Mt. Airy:
52 South to By/pass I/40 East. Take Hwy 66 exit then left at top of ramp at 3rd light turn right onto Industrial Park Road go to stop sign and turn right onto Macy Grove Road. Travel about 1 1/4 miles look for sign on left.
From Statesville:
I/40 east toward Winston/Salem. Take By/pass 40 toward Greensboro. Take Hwy 66 exit then left at top of ramp at 3rd light turn right onto Industrial Park Road. Go to stop sign and turn right onto Macy Grove Road. Travel about 1 1/4 miles look for sign on left.
From Charlotte:
85 North to Hwy 52 North to I/40 East. Take Hwy 66 exit then left at top of ramp at 3rd light turn right onto Industrial Park Road. Go to stop sign and turn right onto Macy Grove Road. Travel about 1 1/4 miles look for sign on left.
From Raleigh:
I/40 West to Greensboro. Stay on I/40 West to By/pass toward Winston/Salem. Hwy 66 exit turn right at top of ramp at 2nd light turn right on Industrial Park Road. Go to stop sign and turn right onto Macy Grove Road. Travel about 1 1/4 miles look for sign on left.
GPS Location:
36' 05' 32.85N
80' 02' 07.32W

Guy Hutcherson   336/306/3512
Richard Shields   336/337/5028

Haag's 3D Archery: Schedule | Web/Site
Jefferson County Tn.
1559 Knowling Loop Road
Talbott, TN 37877

From Jefferson City 11E North
Turn right on Talbott Kansas Rd 1.9miles
Turn Left on Knowling loop Rd 0.5miles
Turn Left to Haag Archery Range
From Morristown Tn/160 West
Turn Left on Dearing 1.3miles
Turn Left on Knowling Loop Rd 1.0mile
Turn Right to Haag Archery Range
From Interstate 81 Exit 4
Continue Northwest on Roy J Messer HWY 4.5miles
Turn Right on Talbott Kansas Rd 0.3miles
Turn Right on Knowling Loop Rd 0.5miles
Turn Left to Haag Archery Range
Steven Haag 865/809/6337    haagarchery@aol.com

Hidden Oaks Archery Club:
1505 Mineral Springs Road
Madison, North Carolina
GPS Coordinates: 36* 20' 36" north 79* 59' 33" west
schedule | Web/Site
From Virginia:
220 South, turn right on Ellisboro Road. Approximately a mile, turn right on Mineral Springs Road. 1/2 mile turn right at 1505 Mineral Springs Road.

From Greensboro/ Winston/Salem:
220 North, turn left on Ellisboro Road. Approximately a mile, turn right on Mineral Springs Road. 1/2 mile turn right at 1505 Mineral Springs Road.
Richard Shields   336/337/5028
Guy Hutcherson   336/306/3512


Heritage Outdoors, Inc. Schedule
Heritage Outdoors, Inc.
3109C Hendersonville Road
Fletcher, NC 28732

Directions: from S I/26w to exit 44 then right onto Hwy 25
approx 4 miles on left

From Tenn/I/40e to I/26e to exit 40 then left on Airport Rd
follow Aport rd to the intersection of Hwy 25 then right
on 25 2.5/3 miles on right
Heritage Outdoors 828/650/9977    heritageoutdoorsnc@yahoo.com

Jamerson Family Archery: Schedule
From I/26 Exit 11 Follow NC 213 Towards Marshall North Carolina 2.0 mi
Turn left at Gabriels Creek Rd 1.2 mi
Turn left at Gabriel Ln 0.6 mi
Turn right at NC/1559 Lower Gabriel Creek 0.7 mi
Continue on Lower Gabriel Creek Rd 0.4 mi
Desmond Jamerson 828/206/3010 jamersonfamilyarchery@yahoo.com

JBC Archery:
2536 Ritter Drive
Shady Spring , WV 25918
Schedule | Map | JBC's Web/Site
Chuck Frye
John Judy
jbcarchery@verizon.net 304/763/3109

Jr's Archery:
Schedule | Jr's Archery Web/Site | Triad Archery Web/Site | Map
330 Drag Mountain Road
Ridgeway, Va 24148
From Martinsville, take 220 S to 87 S , turn left at sign across from People's store and follow signs to shoot. From Eden take 14 N to 87 N turn right at sign across from People's Store and follow signs to shoot.
Jason Wright (336623/9605 jrsarchery@earthlink.net

Keowee Bowmen:
513 Archery Club Rd.
Central SC
3d schedule | Indoor schedule | Field schedule | Web/Site
Directions: Keowee Bowmen is located on Archery Club road which is 5/1/2 miles North of Clemson, SC on Hwy 133 towards Six Mile, SC. Turn back to the west or left on Archery club road off of Hwy 133, go 1/2 mile, club is on left.
Perry Burns, Pres
Herb Strickland, VP
Chris Norris, Treas.
Emmett Tyree, Sec.
864/784/0848   pab40sc@charter.net
864/882/0560   herbware1946@yahoo.com
864/421/4041   cnorris@amaconsystems.com
864/643/7490   eatyree3@gmail.com

Kingsport Archery Club: 3d schedule | facebook
From Johnson City Tn. stay on I/26 To Lynn Garden exit. From Bristol stay on 11W to I/26. Take 1st exit towards VA.
Then take Lynn Garden exit. (Last exit before entering VA. Turn Lt at red light. Turn Left at 1st red light before
going to VA. From Gate City stay on 23 until you get to 1st red light in TN. Turn Rt. You are now on W. Carters Valley RD.
Follow until you cross bridge. Take quick RT and follow river until you see KAC sign on Lt. From Rogersville, get on Carters
Valley RD. follow all the way until you see 2ND bridge crossing river. You will see KAC sign before crossing bridge. Turn LT
follow until you see club.
GPS Coordinates: N 36°35.686’    W 082°36.599’
President: Dennis Taylor
Vice President: Daryl Lovelace
276/596/0704  dstaylor21@gmail.com
423/741/4648  daryl.lovelace@gmail.com

Kentucky Senior Games: Schedule | KentuckySeniorGames.com
Frankfort Kentucky
Cove Spring Park

110 Peaks Mill Rd next to Peaks Mills School
Just off Rt 127 on the north side of Frankfort Ky.
Frank Miklavcic
Kentucky Senior Games Coordinator

Lewis & Clark Outdoors: Indoor Schedule
1227 East Lee Hwy.
Chilhowie Va 24319
I/81 to Exit 35 (Chilhowie Va.
Drive past McDonald's in Chilhowie to the Red Light and turn Right @ light onto Hwy 11 Go 0.7 mile up Hwy 11. We are accross from CHS in the Chilhowie Commons Center. We are in the old Lee Cinema Building.
Store hours are from Mon/Sat 8:30AM to 6:00PM
Matthew Lewis    276/646/3637 lewisandclarkoutdoors@gmail.com

Little Mountain Archery Club: schedule | facebook

Between Meadows of Dan and Laurel Fork VA.
Turn off 58 on Terrys Mill Road 1/4 mile turn right on Germantown Road 1/2 mile to Club on right.
Harvey Alderman
Wendy Poff

Mace Sports Archery Range:
6921 Industrial Dr
Mebane, NC 27302
schedule | facebook
Ben Steadman 919-563-4070

Manahoac Bowmen: 3D Schedule | Field Schedule | Web/Site
12400 Herndon Road,
Spotsylvania, Va
From I95 {exit 130} go west on rt.3 aproximatly 10 miles. Turn left on rt.621 {Orange Plank rd.} & go .02 mile. Turn left onto rt.600 Herndon Rd. Go 1 mile & turn right into the Izzak Walton League. Follow the gravel road 0.3 to our club house.
Eugene Slagle   540/972/4759 eugeneslagle@yahoo.com

Mary's Chapel Baptist Church: Schedule | Printable Flyer
Mary's Chapel Baptist Church
279 Mary's Chapel Rd.
Ripley, TN 38063
Dennis Wilder
731/635/9330   dennis.wilder@ontargetministries.net
731/413/9777   pastor@maryschapel.net

Mecklenburg Bowhunters:
2301 Wildlife Road
Charlotte NC 28214
schedule | facebook
From I/85S Exit 29 Right on Sam Wilson Rd (Left from I/85N), Turn right on Wildwood, Right on Wildlife, goto to gate at end of road. From I/485N Exit 12 Moores Chapel Rd, Cross over I/485 (right from I/485S) Left on Wildlife Rd. Gate at end of road.
Steven Walters
Michael Alexander
704/906/7651    soutdoorwalters@gmail.com

Moore County Bowhunters:
4300 Lobelia Road
Vass, NC 28394
outdoor schedule
Raleigh: Take US/1 South toward Southern Pines. Take Ramp NC/690 toward Vass (Turn LEFT onto NC/690) Go Approx 7 miles (4300 Lobelia Rd) 65 miles
Greensboro: Take US/421 South toward Sanford. Take Ramp for US/1 South toward Southern Pines. Take Ramp NC/690 toward Vass (Turn LEFT onto NC/690). Go approx 7 miles (4300 Lobelia Rd) 79 miles
Chapel Hill: Take US 15/501 to Sanford. Take Ramp to US/1 South towards Southern Pines. Take Ramp NC/690 toward Vass (Turn LEFT onto NC/690). Go Approx 7 miles and (4300 Lobelia Rd) 58 miles
Fayetteville: Take NC/87 North towards Spring Lake. (Turn LEFT onto NC/690 / Vass Rd.) Go Approx 11 miles (4300 Lobelia Rd) 25 miles Rockingham: Take US/1 North toward Sanford. Take Ramp RIGHT to NC/690 Vass / Pope Air Force Base. Turn RIGHT onto NC/690) go Approx 7 miles (4300 Lobelia Rd) 45 miles
Laurinburg: Take US/15 / 501 toward Aberdeen / Sanford. Keep Straight on US/1 North toward Sanford. Take Ramp RIGHT NC/690 toward Vass / Pope Air force Base. (Turn RIGHT onto NC/690) Go Approx 7 miles (4300 Lobelia Rd) 45 miles
Mitch Gaines  919/545/4599   mcbh3d@gmail.com

Morristown Archery Club:
2953 Cherokee Park Road
Morristown Tn 37814
outdoor schedule | indoor schedule | facebook
Directions: From Interstate 81: Take Exit 8 toward Morristown on 25E North, Go to the 3rd Red light, Turn Right toward Cherokee Park, sign is on the left.
President Joe Combs      423/620/3874
Vice President Michael Campbell      423/721/6987

Mountain Archery, Monteagle Tennessee:
Chickory Ln, Monteagle Tn 37356
Schedule | facebook | Web/Site
Jason Tate 931/234/9547 mtngraphics1@gmail.com

Mountain Archery Clintwood Va:
4313 Skeetrock Road Clintwood Va.
Field Schedule | 3D Schedule
From Clintwood turn on Rt 607 Clintwood Main St/The Lake Road. Go 5 miles and turn left on Rt 619 Skeetrock Road. Go 4.1 miles Sign on your left
Stratton Mullins  1/276/218/0962  jbactl1@yahoo.com

Moutain Laurel:
Range Location
1081 Sutton Court
Greensboro, NC

Schedule | Web/Site
mailing address
2803 Lakehill court
High Point, NC 27265
Ricky Mosley     336/669/2930

North Carolina
3D schedule
Catawba Wildlife Club facebook
CONTACT: RON HONEYCUTT (828 256/5584 or (828 455/3227
Vale, NC (mapquest Catawba Wildlife Club 2500 Wildlife Rd. Vale NC 28168//I/40 take exit 123A merge onto 321 South, take NC 127 exit 42 turn Right onto 127 South/2913 West go 5.7 miles and turn Right onto NC 10. Go 2.5 miles and turn Right onto Gracie Lane, go 1.2 miles turn Right onto Lynn Mtn. Rd. go 1.4 miles turn Right onto Wildlife Rd. Club is 4/10 mile
Brushy Mnt. web-site | facebook
Hiddenite, NC
Hiddenite, NC I/77 South to 40 West turn Right onto HWY 90 then turn Right onto Chatham Ford Rd. club is 7 miles
Cajah's Mountain facebook
2050 Craig Rd
Lenoir N.C. 28645
Contact: Steve Morris at 828/728/4842 before the shoot, or
Jeremy Greer jeremyg0159@gmail.com at 828/291/8711 on day of the shoot.
From Statesville, Take interstate 40 west to exit 113 turn right go 7.4 miles or to the fifth traffic light turn left onto Union Grove Rd., go 1.1 miles turn right onto Craig Rd. Club is on left.
From Hwy 18, Go to Hwy 321 in Lenoir go 321 south 3.2 miles to Southwest Blvd. exit right go 2 miles or to the second traffic light turn left onto Connelly Springs Rd. go 3.1 miles or to the third traffic light turn right onto Union Grove Rd. go 1.1 miles turn right on Craig Rd club is on left.
Foothills facebook
CONTACT: JERRY WILLIS (828 330 0282 will@charter.net
Conover, NC I/40 take Fairgrove Ch. Rd. turn LEFT onto Hwy 70 goto Bojangles and turn Right onto Hwy 16 then turn Left at Shopping Center onto Hwy 10 then turn Right onto Saint James Ch. Rd. go 3 miles across bridge and turn left onto gravel road club is 1 mile
N35 37.060
W081 10.716
Elev 93.3

Broken Arrow facebook
821 Carter Mill Road
Elkin NC

Scott Welborn 336/467/4588 swelborn@mountaire.com
Brittney Butcher bnjohnson908@gmail.com
NC I/77 take exit 83 go 2.3 miles and turn Left onto Brook Fall Dairy Rd. go 1.5 miles and turn Right onto Carter Mill Rd. Go across bridge and turn immediate Right onto gravel road which runs along creek.
Wilkes Archery rkhharris@wilkes.net
Archers Edge Archery
661 Campbell Rd
N.Wilkesboro NC 28659
CONTACT: EDDIE DANCY (336 984/5629
Wilkes, NC I/77 take the 421 exit goto Red, White, Blue Rd./Mathis Farms Exit go to the end of road and turn left onto Hwy 268 go @ 4 miles and turn Right onto Johnson Road and follow club signs from there.
Union Grove 09 results | web/site | rkhharris@wilkes.net
From Interstate I/77 in North Carolina, Take Exit 65, go
East 200 yards on NC 901, Turn right on Jacob Rd, Go
300 Yards to VanHoy Campground
Union Grove: web/site 2006 Results
2007 Results
2008 Results
2009 Results
2010 Results
31st Annual North American Bowhunter Jamboree, June 24/25/26, 2011
From Interstate I/77 in North Carolina, Take Exit 65, go
East 200 yards on NC 901, Turn right on Jacob Rd, Go
300 Yards to VanHoy Campground
Danny Adams
Ricky Pennell
Rexanna Harris

New River Bowhunters of Grayson County: 3D schedule | Indoor schedule | facebook
One of four clubs that make up the Blue Ridge Mountain Empire Circuit
7107 Riverside Drive, Fries Va. 24330
Route 58 through Galax to route 94. Turn right on 94 and go 3 1/2 miles. Route 94 turns right at this point and goes to Fries. You will continue straight on 274 for 1/4 mile to club on the right.
Lloyd Overfelt
Tony Hall
Larry Bouchard
276/233/3829 lcover@embarqmail.com
236 8379
233 0641

West Jefferson: Also known as:
New River Archery Club of West Jefferson North Carolina
549 Tailor Made Ranch Road
West Jefferson, NC 28694
schedule | facebook
One of four clubs that make up the Blue Ridge Mountain Empire Circuit
Richard Blevins 336/877/0770

No Limits Archery:
Range Location
across the street from
925 Bucks Pocket Rd SE,
Old Fort TN. 37362

Schedule | facebook
From Hwy 411 North (1-2 miles across state line), turn left onto Browder Rd. Proceed on Browder for 1 mile, until you come to a 4-way intersection. Go through the crossroads. Go one more mile. Turn right on North Bucks Pocket Rd. go about 1 ˝ miles and you will signs on the left (across the rd. from a red barn). No Limits Archery

From Spring Place Rd. (South), turn left onto Bucks Pocket Rd. There is a church at the road for reference. Turn right when you get to a fork in the road. The road name is Samples Chapel Rd. Cross the creek. Take the 1st road on the left, which is North Bucks Pocket Rd., go about 1-1/2 miles and you will see signs on the left (across the rd. from a red barn). No Limits Archery
Stacy Laviana    706-695-5515     stacy.laviana@shawinc.com

North Fork Sportsmans Club:
129 Battleground Ave.
Saltville, VA 24370
Schedule | Web-Site
I-81 Exit 35, go north on VA 107 through Chilhowie, 8 miles to Saltville. Turn right at the light onto E. Main St. (VA 91 north). Go 1 mile, turn left onto Battleground Avenue, just past the NFSC sign. Go about .4 miles, turn right through the gateway onto the access road.

I-81 Exit 29, turn towards Glade Springs onto VA 91 north, to Saltville, about 10 miles. Go to east end of Saltville and turn left onto Battleground Ave, just past the NFSC sign. Go about .4 miles, turn right through the gateway onto access road.
Ricky Nutter    276 496-5231     northforksportsmansclub@gmail.com
Deanie Dimick                            secretarynfsc@gmail.com

Open Season Indoor Archery:
1024 Boyds Creek Hwy.
Seymour, Tn. 37865
Indoor Schedule | Outdoor Schedule | facebook
Donnie Lane 865/388/0351 dlane@thecherokeegroup.net

Powell Mountain Archery Schedule | facebook
Peterstown, WV 24963

Traveling from 460 east or 460 west take Rich Creek, VA exit, travel on old 460 west for .2 of a mile turning onto Powell Mtn Road, Travel approximately 4.5 miles, club will be on right. Traveling south from Union on 219 turn right in Peterstown on RT 12, travel 1.1 mile turn left onto Bozoo Road for 2.3 miles, turn left onto Powell Mtn Road, go 1.3 miles club on left, Traveling south on RT 12 from Hinton turn right onto Bozoo Road for 2.3 miles turning onto Powell Mtn Road for 1.3 miles, club on left.
Derek Alexander
Angel Alexander
Elwin Dillon
Ronald Crawford

Powder Creek Traditional Archers: Schedule
GPS directions:
573 Pennsylvania Rd.
Arden N.C. 28704

DIRECTIONS: From Asheville N.C. take I/26 east to exit 40(turn right go south on hwy 280 (towards Brevard 3rd red light(approximately 3 miles take right onto old N.C. 191 travel 2 miles to left onto McDowell road travel to end of road, take right onto Pennsylvania road for approximately 2 miles to club driveway on left. Yellow signs posted on roads the weekend of the shoots.
From Hendersonville N.C. take I/26 west to exit 40(turn left and follow above directions.
Jeff Holbert
Linda Brittain
551/4076    jeffholbert@bellsouth.net
(828) 891/3332

Powder Ridge:
Caldwell, West Virginia
Schedule | Web/Site
US Rt 60 Mile Marker 166, Caldwell, West Virginia 24925
Driving Directions:
From I64 East or West Exit 175 Harts Run onto Rt 60W turn left onto Big tunnel road (Mile marker 166 (right before L& S Pistol Range) stay straight cross RailRoad track onto a gravel road continue up the hill to the end of the road.

From Princeton US 460 East, turn left onto US 219 North towards Organ Cave turn right onto WV/63 5.8 miles to US 60 turn right go .7 miles to Big tunnel road (after L&S Pistol Range) stay straight will cross RailRoad track onto gravel road continue up the hill to the end of road.
Raymond Honaker 304/667/3033 Rcamaro68@gmail.com

Quail Hollow: Schedule
Rely for Life Benefit Shoot
Davis Rd.(past Norris Merchandise
Shelby, NC. 28150
Rev. Travis Northcutt
704/739/4833 (Office
704/466/9412 (Cell

Quail Ridge Sporting Club:
336 Murat Rd,
Lexington Va 24450
Schedule | web-site | facebook
From I81, take Highway 60 (Lexington) to Rt. 11W (or I64 to Rt. 11W) Straight on Rt. 11W to 251. Make a right on Murat Rd. 1st driveway on right once you hit gravel road (up the hill).
Scott Guise 540-429-4716 graymansolutions@gmail.com

Rub Line Archery Range: schedule | facebook
12797 Moneta Rd
Moneta, VA 24121

200 yds east of Fisher Auto Parts on Rt. 122
Hunter Jacobs

Sage Creek: schedule | Map to Sage Creek | SageCreek on the Web! | Sage Creek facebook
One of four clubs that make up the Blue Ridge Mountain Empire Circuit
Take Highway 89 West off of US 52 in Mt. Airy towards Galax, or Exit 6 off
of I/74, or Exit 100 off of I/77. Travel 3.65 miles past I/77 on Highway 89
West to Ladonia Church Road on your left. Club will be 2 miles on your left.
GPS Coordinates for Range Location: 36.479871, /80.827188
David Smith
(336 352/3924
(336 648/7755

Sam's Christian Archery: schedule
PO Box 582
Black Mountain NC 28711
From Asheville, NC Take I40 East to Exit 66 Make a right at end of exit. Take next right on Old US 70. Go over Rail Road Tracks. Stay on that road untill you reach the end of straight/away and then turn onto Burgin Cove Road on your Left. It is a dirt road. 50 Burgin Cove Road, Black Mountain, NC 28711 if using GPS.
From Marion, NC Take I40 West to Exit 66. Then take a left at end of exit. Take next right on Old US 70. Go over Rail Road Tracks. Stay on that road untill you reach the end of straight/away and turn onto Burgin Cove Road on your Left. It is a dirt road. 50 Burgin Cove Road, Black Mountain, NC 28711 if using GPS.
Sam Miller
Danny Miller
828/669/8830 Cell: 828/230/7452    scaarchery@yahoo.com

Shady Lane Archery Club: outdoor schedule
Outdoor Location
Located in Damascus Virginia, formerly Damascus Archery Club. Exit 19 off of I81 in Southwest Va. Take 58 to Damascus Turn Right in Damascus toward Backbone Rock, look for sign on the Left.
GPS N36° 36.690' W81° 48.310'
Steve Vinson
P.O. Box 111
Pounding Mill, Va. 24637
cell: 276/971/9526 or email Steve Vinson

Sherwood Archers:
2720 Timberview Road, Roanoke Va. 24153
Indoor Schedule | 3D Schedule | Field Archery Schedule | Sherwoods Web/Site
Sherwood Archers is located about 5-6 miles off of I-81 near Roanoke, VA. Take the Rt. 419 north, exit 141 off of I-81. You will only go about 1/8th of a mile and you will make a right onto Dutch Oven road. You will then make another immediate right onto Timberview road. Keep straight on Timberview and you will see the signs for the club on your left.

Club Phone:
Travis Montgomery
Ed OKeefe
540-520-7055    tmontgomery022180@gmail.com
540-797-4307    maadsarmin@gmail.com

Smoky Mountain: indoor schedule | field schedule | facebook
Location: Knoxville TN,
TWRA John Sevier Hunter Education Facility
Directions: from I 75 Merchants Rd exit, turn East to Central, turn left to Dry Gap Rd, Right on Rifle Range Rd to TWRA facility. From I 640 exit Broadwy north through Fountain City, over Black Oak Ridge to Rifle Range Rd, Left on Rifle Range to 1st Stop sign, through Stop, TWRA facility on the Right.
Melissa Carter

Smoky Mountain Pro Archery:
Seymour Tennessee
schedule | facebook
108 Clear View Dr. Seymour TN 37865
Mike or Jim Cate    865-577-4868
Allison Dalton    dalton6785@aol.com

Sod's Archery: schedule
20 Doris Lane
Sod WV 25564
Scott Williams   304/646/3142

Smyth County Archery Club: schedule
Located in Smyth County, Va. in Adwolfe, behind the fire department.

If traveling south on I/81, take exit 39, turn left at the bottom of the ramp, If traveling north on I/81, take exit 39, turn right at the bottom of the ramp. Travel 256 feet and turn left (head east) on Lee Hwy / 11. Travel 2.5 miles on Hwy 11 and then turn right on Adolf Road. Travel 1.6 miles on Adwolfe Road, stop at Riverside Rd. intersection. Notice Adwolfe Community Center and Adwolfe Fire Department straight ahead across the intersection. The Archery Range is located behind Adwolfe Fire Department.
Jimmy Peak
Charlie Vipperman
276 759 4969     fletch38@embarqmail.com
276 613 0080     Charlie.Vipperman@zf.com

South Mountain Bowhunters:
300 John Hudson Rd
Bostic N.C. 28018
schedule | South Mountain Bowhunters on Face Book
Directions: From Asheville, NC:
East on I/40 to Exit 86. Turn left on Hwy 226
Toward Shelby. Go 15.9 Miles and turn Left onto Jonestown Rd At intersection of Good Ole Boys Store. Travel .5 Miles, turn Left onto John Hudson Rd. Archery Range is on the left.
Directions: From Spartanburg, SC:
Travel Hwy 221N out of Chesnee, SC. Stay on 221N through the Town of Rutherfordton. When you travel through Rutherfordton, Travel .5 miles and exit to the right onto Hwy. 64 Turn right onto Hwy 64. Travel approx 12 miles and turn Left onto Hwy 226, at the stop sign turn left onto Hwy 226 toward Shelby, Travel approx 7 or 8 miles to Good Ole Boys Store on the right. Turn Left onto Jonestown Rd. Go .5 miles, turn left on John Hudson Rd. Archery Range is on the left.
Directions: From Morganton, NC:
Travel HWY 64 toward Rutherfordton turn right on HWY 226. At the Stop sign turn left toward Shelby, Travel approx 7 or 8 miles to Good Ole Boys Store on the right. Turn Left onto Jonestown Rd. Go .5 miles, turn left on John Hudson RD. Archery Range is on the left.
Eric Hester
Stacy Hudson
Cell:    828/429/3702    chiefhester@aol.com
Home: 828/245/8535

Volunteer Fire Department
Outdoor Schedule
Sparta North Carolina
From I/77: Take exit 83 (northbound traffic only or exit 85 and follow US 21 north up the Blue Ridge Mountains 16 miles to Roaring Gap and 28 miles to in intersection with NC 18 in the center of Sparta, NC.
From US 421: Take exit 282 onto US 421 Bus./NC 115 north for 2.9 miles. Turn right onto NC 18 North/Second Street. Follow NC 18 north up the Blue Ridge Mountains for 20 miles to Laurel Springs, NC, and 31 miles to the intersection with US 21 in the center of Sparta, NC
From Mt. Airy, NC: Head west on NC 89 north for 20 miles to the intersection with NC 18. Turn left on NC 18 and follow for 15 miles to the intersection with US 21 in the center of Sparta, NC.
From Virginia: Take US 21 south and follow into Alleghany County and Sparta, NC.
From Jefferson, NC and Ashe County: Take NC 88 north to Laurel Springs to where it dead/ends into NC 18. Go left on NC 18 and follow for 12 miles to Sparta, NC.
The fairgrounds are located approximately 1/2 mile outside of the Sparta city limits on NC Hwy 21 N
Bill Nilo
Brandon Kenner
(336 200/3411
(828 342/3382

Sportsman's Hangout: schedule
3215 Taylorsville Hwy.
Statesville NC 28625

I/40 Exit 148 N on Hwy 64/90(Taylorsville Hwy) Behind the McDonalds between Southern States & Ingles
Crystal Hutchins 704/873/4869 (Office)
704/622/4615 (Cell)

Spring Lake Archery Park: schedule | Web/Site | www.springlakearchery.com
1051 Spring Lake Farm Rd.
Moneta, VA 24121

From Roanoke: Take Rt. 24 East to just past Staunton River High School, then right on Rt. 801. Go approximately 1/2 mile and take a right on Rt. 806. Go to Spring Lake Farm Rd. on right (this is our driveway Continue to bear right at the fork to go to the lodge.
From Lynchburg: Take Rt. 221 or Rt. 460 West to Rt. 122 South. Continue to Rt. 24 West and go right. Take Rt. 24 to Rt. 801. Turn left on Rt. 801 then right on Rt. 806. Go to Spring Lake Farm Rd. on right (this is our driveway Continue to bear right at the fork to go to the lodge.
David Merritt / Owner Spring Lake Farm
Mitch Kerr / Club Vice President
540/598/9907 splafarm@aol.com

Staunton River Archery Club: 3D Schedule | Field Schedule
15725 Rockford School Rd, Hurt, Va. 24563
From Lynchburg, take 29 south and turn right onto Shula Drive just past the Hurt exits. Take an immediate left to stay on Shula Drive for approximately one mile. Turn right onto Rockford School Rd. Look for the 3/D signs, the shoot is approximately two and a half miles on the left.
President: Ian Rigney (434)546/3605
Vice President: Steve Sheilds (540)494/9316
Perry Gauze (434)441/6747


The Archery and Bow Club (TAB's):
3690 Bramlett Church Rd
Gray Court, SC 29645
3D Schedule | facebook
Directions: From Spartanburg or (I/26. Take I/26 E toward Columbia to exit 28 (Moore/Woodruff. Go to red light and turn right onto US/221 S. Travel approximately 8.5 miles and turn right onto W Georgia St (SC/101. Travel approximately 3 miles and turn left onto Bramlett Church Rd. Travel approximately 3/4 of a mile and Tab's Archery Club will be on your left.
Johnny Finger   864/590/6402
CB Scruggs   864/494/0084
Al Brandon   864/630/1585
Frank Kimbrell   864/316/3454
Bobby Forrester   864/414/1765
acscruggs1@ bellsouth.net

Triggers Trap & Trout: Schedule | Triggers, Traps & Trout Web/Site!
I/26 to Exit 32 (old Exit 23 Unicoi Exit. Travel TN 107 to TN/NC State Line. At TN/NC State Line the Hwy becomes NC 226.
Follow NC 226 to Red Hill. Turn onto 197 South Travel 4.4 miles to Toe River Road. Turn right onto Toe River Road and
travel 1.4 miles to Jacks Creek Road. Turn left onto Jacks Creek Road and travel .7 mile to North Bee Branch Road. Turn
right onto North Bee Branch Road and travel .6 mile to top of hill. Turn left onto Fairview Cemetery Road
(Parallel to the cemetery. Travel Fairview Cemetery Road .5 mile to the bottom of the hill. Keep left onto Horton Hill Road.
Travel Horton Hill Road .3 mile to Deyton Hunt Farm Road. Turn right onto Deyton Hunt Farm Road.
Ken Deyton (828 777/0357 kdeyton@triggers/traps/trout.com

Union County Archery Range, LLC: schedule | Web/Site
155 Skyline Dr
Maynardville Tn 37807

30 3/D McKenzie targets on a four acre wooded range
Exit 6 on I 640 (Broadway exit, north on Hwy 33 approx. 20 miles to
Maynardville, turn right at McDonald's.

Randy Jones 865-705-1399     mcarter740@gmail.com

Walton Park Bowhunters:
3D Schedule | Field Schedule | facebook
Directions: 29 North out of Lynchburg toward Amherst. Go through Madison Heights and Turn Right on RT 604 S. Coolwell Rd go a few miles and Turn Right on RT 663 Izaak Walton Rd go about 300 yds and the entrance to the park will be on the right. Follow the road through the park into the camp ground area and you will see a sign on the left for Archery. The club house is in the bottom on the left.
President: Adam Phillips 434.209.7871   cyclingdude@verizon.net | sai.adam.phillips@gmail.com

Western Carolina Bowhunters:
Hwy 26 to Hendersonville NC, Exit 49, Hwy 64 East. Turn left on Fruitland Rd., go 3.2 miles to Terrys Gap Rd. go left 1.7 miles to Kyles Creek Rd. turn right go .4 mile to sign on left.
President: David Heath 828/606/6954

Whitetail Pro Archery:
Outdoor Schedule | www.whitetailproarchery.com
15 Red Oaks Shopping Center
Ronceverte, Wv 24970

Jeremy McMahan 304/645/5066     whitetailproarchery@yahoo.com

Wilderness Road Shooting and Conservation Club: Schedule | Web/Site
830 Smith Hollow Rd.
Gate City Va 24251

If coming from Kingsport, get on 93, that is John B Dennis toward Va 1 mile past Va State Line. Take right on East Carters Valley Rd. Go 1 more mile take the first road to the left, that is Smith Hollow Rd go 1 and a half mile on dirt Rd till you come to two gates, take the one on the right. Follow it till you come to the club house.
James Bowery
Stephen Harnsberger
423/330/4847    jbowery@eastman.com
423/288/7515    secretarywrscc@gmail.com

Wyoming County Bow Hunter Association: Indoor Schedule
Mullens West Virginia
Earl Monk
Jerry Brumfield
Zelmar Lilly
304 294/0318
304 294/6930
304 573/3600     simplemansarchery@gmail.com

Wythe Bowhunters: 3D schedule | Field Schedule | Web/Site
Wythe Bowhunters Archery Club in Wytheville Va.
I 81 Exit 70 RT. 52 North 7 miles. Sign on right at Dale Road
Turn left up Dale Road
Stacy Pruitt wythebowhunter@yahoo.com

Yadkin Archery:
3648 Horseshoe Rd,
Yadkinville, NC 27055
3D Schedule | Web/Site
From Winston-Salem take US Hwy 421 North, Take Exit #251 - Speer Bridge Rd, Turn left and go 1/2 mile on Speer Bridge Rd., Turn left at the Yadkin Archery sign, Follow signs to parking area

From Yadkinville take US Hwy 421 South, Take Exit #251 - Speer Bridge Rd, Turn right and go 1/2 mile on Speer Bridge Rd., Turn left at the Yadkin Archery sign, Follow signs to parking area

Contact info:
Earl Farrior

336-749-0926    tele45@yadtel.net

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