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Morristown Results
Sept 11,12 2004
25 Targets

1. Brent Pursifull	260-8
2. Sandy Donesky   	243-3
3. Mickey Haag       	237-3
4. James Harmon    	236-5
5. J.B. Manis          	235-3
6. Jacob Harmon    	210-5
7. Dan Turner        	197-3
8. Charles Hickey    	186-0
9. Keith Sandifur    	185-0
10. Jordy Harmon    	137-0

We had 40 practice shooters
We have had a good year this year and would like to take this time to thank 
everyone who supports Morristown Archery Club and a BIG THANKS to 
shootarchery.com for all the hard work they do for the clubs posting our 
scores and our schedules.

Coming soon will be our Indoor schedule hope to see ya there.

Note From ShootArchery.com: We appreciate Morristown for being one of our participating clubs
and for letting us bring their results to the web. We are looking forward to coming down this winter for some
indoor shoots and to next spring when they gear back up for more 3D's. Nice folks and excellent lanes.

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