The main purpose of the web-site was to provide Tournament shooters a place to come and see Archery Tournament results. Likewise, the web-site provides Archery Clubs, a place to advertise their schedules and gives them an easy quick means of getting their results out to the public. posted tournament results as soon as we received them. Some clubs would email their results to us and some clubs would use other means to get their results to us.

Going forward, as of 2024, Participating clubs will post their own results on the clubs Web-Site or Facebook page. will no longer be posting results, but rather post the link where these results may be viewed by the public. How prompt the clubs are at posting results may vary greatly from club to club. Some clubs will post results on Sunday evening as soon as their tournament is over while others may not post their results till much later.

There are a couple of things we can do that might help get the results up a little quicker or otherwise make it more convenient for the shooter.

1. When you register at a Shoot, remind the club that you use and will use the link posted for that club to view the results.
2. After a shoot, if several days pass and you don't see the results posted on the internet, call the club's representatives. Their phone numbers are listed on the site. Donít hesitate to call them.

We post schedules, contact info, and the link to the their results at no charge to the clubs. The Participating Clubs that use our free services, should post their results promptly. Posting results promptly is one of the requirements a club must agree to, before they become a Participating Club. If results are delayed, please help us out and call one of the club's representatives. It is's position that we should not have to make a phone call to remind a club to do something they have agreed to do already. If the shooters could help us out here... it would be greatly appreciated...

It would be to our delight, if all of the clubs would post their results on the day of the Shoot. If that happened, you would see the results posted that evening or early am the next morning. But we understand the time constraints and limited personnel on the part of local clubs wonít permit that at the present. Some clubs have dedicated members who see to it, that it does happen that way, and to those clubs, we are especially appreciative.

So far, the participating clubs are all located in Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, West Virginia, Kentucky and Tennessee. These Regions are rich in Tournament opportunity and itís all because of a lot of hard work done by individual members of the various clubs. We appreciate all the work that club members do to put on an Archery Tournament. We hope that providing a place for Clubs to post results, schedules, and any local tournament news, will ultimately result in higher shooter participation.

We hope to increase our coverage in the future. Itís our goal to help "local" archery programs expand and grow anywhere in the United States. is privately owned and operated. The means of its funding is through the advertiserís that post adds on the site. When you see an add on, remember to support the folks that help support our sport. And tell them that sent you...

Deck Miller

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