Errors can, will, and do occur.

ShootArchery.com, nor Old Dominion Pro Shops shall in no way be held responsible for any errors in the results posted on ShootArchery.com or ODPS web-site. The results posted on www.ShootArchery.com web pages are in no way to be considered Official results. The results on these pages are not to be used to settle any disagreements or questions concerning the outcome of any Tournament or Championship.

The results on these pages are not to be used to settle any disagreements or questions concerning the awards of any Tournament or Championship.The results posted on these pages are to be used as a reference only.

We will, however; do everything possible to correct any mistakes that you might encounter.

Potential sources of error:
Shooters can make a mistake in marking their score card.
Shooters can make a mistake in adding their scores.
The clubs can make a mistake in recording the shooters score.
The clubs can make mistakes in their results that they send to ShootArchery.com.
ShootArchery.com CAN make mistakes in the posting of results.

What to do when you see a potential mistake:

Email us and give us details of the potential error. List the Tournament, Range, and date of the tournament. Describe the error.

Procedure for correcting mistakes:

We will check the report that the range has sent us. If the mistake is on our end, we will fix it and update the web page and then email you back. If the data posted matches the data sent to us by the club, we will email you and make you aware. You can then contact a Club Representative and inform them of the potential mistake. If they elect to amend the results of that particular shoot and send that information to ShootArchery.com, we will update the site with the corrected information, and email you. If the Club does not ammend their results or choose's not to update ShootArchery.com with the new admended results, we have no choice but to let the posted results remain as they are.

Scope and Purpose

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